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Who We Are

In our restaurant the great protagonists are the flavors and suggestions
of the Adriatic Sea.

Rocco Terra
Rocco and...

his memories.

E' re nu guaglune'tt e j'eve sopra a lu molo....

This place was born from my childhood memories, when my mom and dad took me to the North Pier where the beautiful "Madonnina" watched over us, which still protects the fishermen's boats that go out at night and come back the next day ...

I turned the letters A into bollards (the huge iron blocks where fishing boats are tied) and the "J" represented a fishing hook ...

The BlueSea Restaurant was born from these memories of the sea and typical places of my land.

Meeting with

Our Chef

Mimmo Collini

Whether you call it elegantly with a French term or prefer to identify it with its Italian name, the chef is the undisputed protagonist of every place dedicated to the preparation and service of food and Mimmo is a true sovereign who exercises almost absolute power in his kingdom: the kitchen ...

Mimmo Collini Blue Sea Restaurant's Chef